Display Rotation

MacOS does not provide a facility to rotate your display outside of System Preferences. To work around this, we'll use a display rotation helper.

Install the Display Rotation Helper

First download the latest version of DisplayRotation.

โ€‹Download DisplayRotation @ Githubโ€‹

  1. Copy the Rotation folder to /Applications.

  2. Double click each of the services and import them into Automator.

  3. Open System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts/Services

  4. Configure the following service shortcuts:

    • Standard Rotation: Command+Option+Control+Up Arrow

    • Rotate 90 Degrees: Command+Option+Control+Left Arrow

    • Rotate 180 Degrees: Command+Option+Control+Down Arrow

    • Rotate 270 Degrees: Command+Option+Control+Right Arrow

  5. Open each application with right-click + Open beginning with Standard Rotation. If you get stuck, use the standard rotation shortcut to reset the display orientation.

Changing Display Orientation

Use the keyboard shortcuts or application wrappers to change orientation of your display.